Welcome to the BVAS and VDI vasculitis training and assessment webpage.

We hope that this will be a useful practical guide to enable you to evaluate patients with systemic vasculitis using standardized clinical tools. Whether you wish to get a quick overview of these tools or become an accredited practitioner in their use, the examples given are straight forward and reflect every day practice in managing patients with systemic vasculitis.

This training package is designed to introduce you to BVAS and VDI so that we can standardize the
way in which we collect data in clinical trials. BVAS and VDI offer definitions of disease activity and disease damage that have been reached by expert consensus and validated. The manual will to help you understand the concepts of BVAS and VDI, the main evaluation tools, as well as providing you with some simple practical exercises in completing BVAS and VDI prior to seeing patients with vasculitis.

Contact email: support@bvasvdi.org

Good Luck.

Professor R. Luqmani.